There are numerous cultural activities within the region. We would recommend visiting: 

A Rila Monastery


The biggest and oldest monastery in Bulgaria, which is situated in the Rila mountains 100 km from Dolno Draglishte. The monastery was thought to be founded by St Ivan of Rila during the reign of Tsar Peter I (AD 927-968). Over its thousand year history the monastery developed an extensive library and has been a major cultural and educational force in the country. Easy to drive to, although numerous companies arrange coach trips. 

Historical museum houses at Bansko and Razlog


Each town has museum houses, demonstrating life in the past within walled communities.There are four in Bansko and one in Razlog .

Dobarsko church

Visit the oldest church in Bulgaria which is just 5kms further up our valley. The church is noted for its abundance of original frescoes and icons, some of which are internationally famous being interpreted as portraying Jesus in a rocket. The holy spring water in the church yard is said to be curative.

Kovachevitsa, Leshten & Garmen

These small mountainous villages display traditional architecture and were centres for the Bulgarian resistance movement against the occupying forces of the Ottoman Empire.

Velingrad History Museum


Spend an hour visiting this small museum which contains a fascinating section on traditional eastern European egg painting.